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Meet our team.

Meet our team


Wilfried Van Baelen
Managing Director - CEO
Guy Van Baelen
Managing Director - CFO/CTO


Better together
Cindy Mermans
Head of accounts
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Sander Herbers
Head of Co-Production, Finance and Legal
Luc Caeyers
Event Manager
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Mark Vanherck
Production Manager
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Sian Bolland
Production Manager
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Lotte Caubergh
Assistant Audio Engineer and Marketing Support
Katrien 4
Katrien Vanmuijsen
Senior Business Controller
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Bart Bosmans
Project and Production Manager
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Stijn Kenis
DVD and BD Authoring Engineer
Sara Berckmans
Marketing & Event Support
Kevin 1
Kevin Munters
All in one Graphic Designer
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Isabelle Permentier
Catering and Household Manager
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Vicky Verboven
Catering and Household Support
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Kristof Oleksy
Maintenance Manager
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Lucas Kimczewski
Maintenance Support
Screen Shot 2022-12-15 at 23.43
René Van Baelen
All Round Support

Residential Engineers / Freelancers

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Patrick Lemmens
Producer and Tonmeister
Wes Maebe
Wes Maebe
Producer - Recording - Mix & Mastering Engineer
Michel Daems
Michel Daems
Recording and Mixing Engineer
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Filip Heurckmans
Recording - Mix & Mastering Engineer
Cuypers Cis
Cis Cuypers
Audio Post / IT
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Tom Van Achte
Mastering Engineer
abstract-and-colorful-bokeh-image-2021-08-29-12-59-23-utc 1 (1)
Filip Cools
Chef Cuisine
abstract-and-colorful-bokeh-image-2021-08-29-12-59-23-utc 1 (1)
Dave Van Camp
Chef Cuisine
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