Yes indeed, we record music for film, games, television, commercials,
production libraries and musicals with our Galaxy Orchestra!

Galaxy Symphony Orchestra

Scoring in our interactive studio complex

When recording big scores for film, games, television, commercials, production libraries and musicals it’s sometimes very important to have the opportunity the separate the different instrument sections into different rooms. That’s when we for example record the strings in the Galaxy Hall, the woodwinds in Studio 1, Singers in booths, a band in Studio 3 and so on… All recorded at the same time without any sound leakage! 

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Depending on the score and the project, we go from very small to very big orchestral setups. 

– Visual connection with control room via windows and cameras 

– All recording areas can be linked and be used as isolation rooms/booths 

Galaxy Orchestra


Did you know we even have our own orchestra? 

We call it the ‘Galaxy Symphonic Orchestra’ and they’re a selection of the best studio musicians from different orchestras in central Europe! World class, top quality musicians and performers who can record, in the shortest time possible, a full score. 

Customize our orchestra for your project! 




Streaming technology brings the studio to you, wherever you are in the world!

We can bring our interactive studio complex to you anywhere in the world, by streaming our live recording sessions via standard internet. If, for example, a composer can’t be here in Belgium with us, our streaming software means that they can follow the session from wherever they are. They can see and hear, in real-time, the orchestra and the movie (if it’s a scoring session) and they can see the control room and easily talk to the team running the session here in Belgium. 

This is possible not only in stereo but also in AURO-3D, since the format has streaming software that encodes and decodes the sound in AURO-3D from one place to another via standard internet. This is how we bring Galaxy Hall’s famously gorgeous acoustics directly to your studio at home.

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