Studio 3.

Cozy, home vibe recording room! Ideal to jam around with your band.
But also great for singers and soloists!

Cozy, home vibe recording room.

Cozy, home vibe recording room

Where are you?



  • 330 m2 / 3500 sqft
    • Height: 7,5 – 8 meters (24 up to 26 feet)
    • Length: 30 meters, 100 feet
    • Width: 10 – 14 meters (30 up to 45 feet)
    • No parallels between walls, or ceiling and floor, to avoid standing waves
  • Reverberation time: 1,8 sec (variable from 800 ms up to 2,4 s)
  • Background noise of only 14dB
  • Inaudible air-conditioning, due to large conducts, result: NR5
  • Natural daylight
  • Temperature and humidity stabilized
  • Accommodates orchestras of up to 80 musicians  
  • All studios have sound isolation of up to 100,7 dB
  • Natural daylight (can be made dark using curtains)
  • Can be linked to 3 different control rooms (Neve 88D, Neve DFC and the API Vision) with natural visual connection 
  • Concrete bunker with a total weight of 1600 tons, suspended on a floating spring system (link Our Story)
  • Custom designed acoustic doors:  weight 150Kg (300 pounds), yet very easy to handle. Isolation of  -55dB, two doors isolate more than 80dB, three doors isolate more than 100dB between each critical room 

For more in-depth information, contact us!


DW Drumkit

original DW!

DW werd opgericht in 1972 door Don Lombardi. 

Het drumstel van de Galaxy studio’s is geproduceerd in de topperiode van de productie van DW. Als je in een bepaalde stijl de juiste drumheads en cymbalen gebruikt haal je hiermee een topsound. Zowel de hardware als de houtsoort zijn ook van een buitengewone kwaliteit.

Een aanrader voor iedere studiodrummer.

Guitar Amps

Make some noise!


Roland Jazz-Chorus 120 amplifier

Roland 15X Cube amplifier

Roland Spirit 30


Bass guitar amp



Choose yours...


Jupiter 8 with midi

Yamaha DX7

Roland D50

Memory Moog

Hammond Organ

We got 2 of them...

Fun fact: This is Wilfried’s second organ on which he gave concerts when he was 15 years old. Our Story

Standing waves

Sound waves have a length. Lower frequencies have much longer wavelengths than higher frequencies. In a room sound is bouncing to the walls and in case the soundwave interferes with itself, it either amplifies itself or decreases itself by phase behavior. Because of this the reverb time of certain frequencies will become longer than others and therefore color the sound in a bad way. 

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