Studio 1.

Multi-purpose large recording space for music and ADR.
This is the quietest recording studio on the planet!

Multi-purpose large recording space.

Multi-purpose large recording space

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  • 100 m2 / 1,100  sqft
    • Height: 5,5 – 6 meters (18 – 20 feet)
    • Length: 10 meters (33 feet)
    • Width: 5 – 12 meters (16 – 40 feet)
    • No parallels between walls, or ceiling and floor, to avoid standing waves
    • Inaudible air-conditioning, due to large conducts, result: NR5
    • Natural daylight
  • The quietest Recording studio in the world!
  • Visual connection with Neve 88D, 2 tiny booths and Galaxy Hall
  • Projector booth and projector screen

Standing waves

Sound waves have a length. Lower frequencies have much longer wavelengths than higher frequencies. In a room sound is bouncing to the walls and in case the soundwave interferes with itself, it either amplifies itself or decreases itself by phase behavior. Because of this the reverb time of certain frequencies will become longer than others and therefore color the sound in a bad way. 

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