Galaxy Studios Group.

Dedicated to the fine arts of film, music and sound technology.

Cluster of companies.

Cluster of companies

The Galaxy Studios Group is a cluster of companies dedicated to the fine arts of film, music and sound technology. We are situated in Belgium and for more than thirty-five years our studio complex has been a world class beacon of advanced technology for sound recording and film post-production.

Galaxy Studios

Galaxy Studios is the daughter company of Galaxy Studios Group. The famous Galaxy building is part of Galaxy Studios in which all activities summarised in the section ‘What we do’ take place. 

Our expansive and comfortable Galaxy Studios is truly an exciting work and meeting centre for creative film & music professionals. We are unashamedly passionate technology addicts, proud to be creatively driven by the 7th Art.


Mollywood is the Galaxy Studios Group Financing and Tax Sheltering company. We help producers of films, series and performing arts to raise funds with the assistance of flourishing Belgian tax incentives. 

The tax Shelter system is a fiscal arrangement that encourages Belgian companies to invest in audio-visual work, performing arts and video games. 

Mollywood was founded in 2009 and has raised co-investment for over 130 national and international projects. We’re delighted that projects we’ve worked on have been selected by numerous film festivals around the world. We have been involved in several commercially successful European feature films, but we also love to work on ‘arthouse’ projects, theatre, dance, classical music, circus and other major spectaculars. 

Zilvermeer Productions

Zilvermeer Productions is the Galaxy Studios Group  in-house production company. Founded in 2014, our production house develops, co-produces and finances film and TV projects.

Zilvermeer Productions acts as a Pan-European co-producer and continues to establish itself as a quality Benelux production house with a slate of Belgian, Dutch and international co-productions. 

Recent co-productions include ’The Last Front’ directed by Julien Kerknawi (The Last Front BV), ‘Terminal Hotel’ directed by Johan Vandewoestijne aka James Desert (D.V. Release), ‘Domino’ directed by Brian De Palma (Schønne Film), ‘The Resistance Banker (Bankier Van Het Verzet)’ directed by Joram Lürsen (NL Film), ‘Trollie’ directed by Gert Embrechts (Johan Nijenhuis & Co B.V.) and ‘In My Father’s Garden (Knielen Op Een Bed Violen)’ directed by Ben Sombogaart (NL Film).

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