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Immersive Sound is also your future!

“Sound is 50% of the movie experience”!

“Sound is 50% of the movie experience”

George Lucas (director of Star Wars) famously stated; “Sound is 50% of the movie experience”

People react to sound at a subconscious level. The sounds – and importantly the music – in films play a major role in creating the emotional power and experience of a movie – which is what it’s all about of course.

Once a movie has been recorded on a film set and has been edited afterwards, our team will manage all the different audio files up to delivery of the final master used for distribution in Digital Cinema, Home and Mobile. The sooner our team gets involved (ideally from the moment the script is close to final), the greater opportunity we have to create that added value for your movie productions.

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Mixing & Pre-dub.

Dialog Recording.

Sound Design.

Sound Design is storytelling

This crucially important part of Audio Post Production is such a creative process, with which the right atmosphere and emotion is created. It can be direct sound ‘right in your face’ (e.g. explosions or crashes, the sound of thunder or rain, …) or more subtle, hidden sounds to create a subconscious feeling of stress, fear, anxiety, … or the other end of the spectrum, to create subtle sounds of nature to make the audience feel relaxed and at ease. Our team can literally create any kind of environment, atmosphere, emotion or experience with sound. 

Galaxy Studios works with a large pool of extremely talented sound editors and sound designers, to create that perfect fit for any audio-visual production, using the best sound libraries around.


What is Foley? 

  • Foley is an art! It’s the re-creating and recording of highly specific sounds in a movie; e.g. realistic footsteps (with the right shoes, weight of the actor/actress, type of surface,  underground, room acoustics, timing of the steps, …), doors closing (wood, or iron, or glass, with the correct acoustics, timing and impact, soft or hard, …), glasses breaking (size of the glass, correct splash, acoustics, timing, …), etc. 
  • Foley is fun! A good foley stage looks like a controlled mess, with literally hundreds and thousands of props, doors, curtains, floors, water, etc.  Some even hold half a car, used to recreate specific in-car foley sounds and atmosphere, or maybe a kitchen or a bathroom to re-create the perfect foley sounds and atmosphere for those rooms. 
  • Foley is a very creative process of Audio Post Production and it speaks to the imagination like nothing else. 

At the moment Galaxy Studios has a large foley stage ‘under construction’. In the meantime, we manage any type of foley job and collaborate with experienced and flexible partners. More about Galaxy’s foley plans to follow very soon. Keep an eye on our website and newsletters.

Re-recording & Mixing

  • This is the last phase of the Audio Post Production process, where all the different sound elements come together. 
  • This is the first time the creative team can hear the total picture of all the different sound components coming together. 


Galaxy Studios works with a large pool of extremely talented and experienced re-recording mixers, to create that perfect fit for any audio-visual production!

Pre Dub


All the cleaned and re-recorded dialogue, the sound designs, including all the creative foley recordings, and last (but not least) the music, all come together in a pre-dub phase where all these different elements will be pre-mixed into 3 main STEMs: dialogue, soundFX and music, before moving on to the very last phase of final mixing. 


The setup in our Pre-dub stage and Final mix stage is compatible.

Final Mix

Once all the STEMs are individually optimized, the final mix will bring everything together to make the final balance, with all the highlights, the emotional peaks and troughs, all the individual atmospheres, to be directed at the perfect moment and location in the room. 

When mixing in 5.1, 7.1 and higher up to AURO-3D 13.1 or AUROMAX 26.1, you can imagine what an experience it is to mix a movie in our state-of-the-art and reference mixing stage: the AuroTorium.

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